ECE Job Satisfaction

Staffing Challenges

The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children, with partners, began surveying childcare providers in 2020 to understand the state of the early care and education sector in Louisiana, including the current issues facing providers. After these surveys and subsequent work specifically focused on the early childhood industry and workforce, LPIC administered a survey in Spring 2023 for childcare staff, focusing on the compensation and experiences of childcare employees in Louisiana.

Nationally, employers continue to experience staffing challenges, and Louisiana childcare providers are no different. Over 80% of childcare providers in Louisiana reported at least one staffing cost increase or challenge, and over two-thirds worried about short- and long-term staff turnover. Even while the current early care and education workforce is extremely satisfied with its work and career choice, studies show turnover among childcare teachers to be much higher when compared to K-12 teachers.

These survey results show that while childcare workers enjoy and take pride in their work, that pride may not be enough for them to remain with their employers long-term.

Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction