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For Families​

How Families Can Take Action

Click here to learn how you can take action as a parent or caregiver. 

Louisiana School and Center Finder

The Louisiana School and Center Finder is the Louisiana Department of Education’s interactive, online tool that allows families to search for child care providers in their area; look up basic information about centers such as their address, website, hours of operation, and center director’s name; and provides early childhood performance quality ratings to show how well child care centers are preparing students for the next grade level  Visit the Louisiana School and Center finder. 

School Readiness Tax Credit for Families

This tax credit supports low-income parents to access high-quality early childhood care and education for their children. The tax credit is available to parents who purchase child care services at a child care center with at least a two-star quality rating. The credit amount increases with a greater number of stars (the quality of the center).

For questions about how to file for the School Readiness Tax Credit, please contact your tax preparer or the Louisiana Department of Revenue. For questions about filing for refunds for the School Readiness Tax Credit, contact the Louisiana Department of Revenue for refund status at 225-219-0102 (individual) or 225-219-7462 (business) or visit 

Additional Key Resources

Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs) 

What is a child care resource and referral agency?

Child care resource and referral agencies are organizations contracted by the Louisiana Department of Education across the state to assist families with finding and evaluating child care providers.

These agencies also work with child care providers to develop new child care facilities and offer training and coaching for all staff.

How do I find my local child care resource and referral agency?

You can find your local agency by clicking on this map of child care resource and referral agencies in Louisiana. 

Ready Start Networks (RSNs)

What is a Ready Start Network? 

Ready Start Networks are driven by local data and context and assess local demand for early care and education and create a blueprint to address gaps; recruit stakeholders to expand early childhood coalitions; establish local governance structures to make collaborative decisions and; implement fundraising strategies to satisfy local demand.